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An actual fic post? From Lin?!

Title: Acknowledgment
Author: iron
Pairing: Seto Kaiba/Yami-no-Yuugi.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kaiba acknowledges a new aspect of the Spirit of the Puzzle while facing him on top of Pegasus' castle.
Word Count: 842
Disclaimer: Aside from personal satisfaction, I'm not getting anything out of writing this.

I stand on the ledge of Pegasus' castle, the rotting mass that was once my beloved Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon partially obscuring my view of the person facing me. He shifts around a bit in hesitation, and I can finally see his face. A small, shaking hand grips the cards, his eyes uncharacteristically wide as he stares at me, shock and horror evident in his expression.

My patience is running out, my life is now in his hands, should he choose to end it or not. The stakes are high, I know he doesn't want to lose, and frankly, neither do I.

"Yuugi!" I yell at him across the roof of the castle, feeling the eyes of his stupid friends on me. "Use your cards to cut my throat!"

Inwardly I smirk as I watch him. I know I placed a very difficult decision upon him, and I know he can't decide what's worse, killing me or losing the only chance he has to save his grandfather. A thought briefly crosses my mind; he shouldn't have to decide my fate. I push it into the back of my mind, reminding myself that Mokuba is trapped somewhere in that castle and that I have to save him. However, as I look closely at him, I'm in doubt once again. His proud posture is gone, his shoulders are slumped slightly, and his hand is shaking. I momentarily feel sorry for him. The feeling, however, grows as his eyes slip closed in desperation, and he shakes his head.

Mokuba, I remind myself. Think of Mokuba.

I watch him closely, as he suddenly straightens, proudly facing me. I wait for his next move, silently apologizing to Mokuba.

"Celtic Guardian!" He takes a deep breath, preparing to declare the attack that would surely end my life, and annihilate any possibility of me saving my brother. With that intake of breath, however, his mask falls as he loses the composure he had put together, the composure he needed to make the choice that would end my life. He drops the cards in his hand. His body is shaking, tears escaping his eyes as he mumbles something that sounded oddly like my name. His feet give out; he slumps to his knees in desperation, knowing that he lost. He lost his only chance to save his grandfather. Something inside me snaps, and I just need...something.

Before my mind can process the action, I run toward him. Dropping down on the floor of the castle's roof, I grab his small body and pull him into my lap. He gasps in shock, relief flooding his features, before wrapping his arms around me and holding on with all his might.

As my mind finally catches up with me, I begin to feel awkward. I would never have imagined that Yuugi's multiple-personality disorder would be clinging to me like I'm the last person on the planet. I have no idea how to handle this situation, no idea what to do. A part of my mind that is still miraculously sane tells me to think of him as Mokuba. I pat his back awkwardly, before tracing formless patters just below his shaking shoulders. It works with Mokuba, and I hope it works with him.

My awkward comforting gesture must have worked, for he shifts around in my lap and snugs his face into the crook of my neck. I could feel his hot tears on my skin, and could hear him softly murmuring my name over and over again, his soft lips tickling my neck. Briefly I wonder what his name is, but push the thought into the back of my mind as soon as I feel his nails digging into my back.

"Yuugi." My harsh tone startles him and he pulls away. A part of me is relieved, and another wishes that he would wrap his arms around me once more.

"I couldn't let you die," he says simply.

I grunt in acknowledgment, my gaze traveling to his stupid friends. I inwardly smirk upon seeing the mutt's face, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. I guess I did put up quite a show here. Throwing the last bit of sanity away, I grab Yuugi's multiple personality once more, pulling him back into my chest. I can't explain it, but a wave of satisfaction washes over me as he places his head back into the crook of my neck and wraps his arms around me once more. With a barely audible sigh, I take the duel disk off my arm, placing it next to me. I could feel him fumbling with his duel disk and could hear the barely audible thud that indicated that Yuugi's other placed it on the ground behind me. Looking over his wild hair, I dully watch as the monster holograms slowly fade, his army of stupid furballs finally vanishing off the field.

The duel is over. I lost my chance to save Mokuba. However, as I hold my rival in my arms, I know that it would all work out. Somehow.



Yes, I know that Seto wouldn't take losing the chance to save Mokuba so lightly.
Kaiba calls Yami no Yuugi "Yuugi." ^^
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