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Driven -- Icon Tutorial

Icons are coming VERY soon, I promise! XD School kind of ate me. But I should get the next batch up sometime next week.

So to make up for that, I bring you a tutorial!

Learn to go from to


Start out with your base. I got the image from here, re-sized, cropped it, and applied auto contrast. Then I sharpened the base.
As you can see, here I added a 4-pixel black border. There is a reason for doing that right away, everything we do to the image will affect the border as well. Merge the base image and the border!
Create a new layer, fill it with #161625, and set it to Exclusion, 100% opacity.
Make a new layer, fill it with #DDD19D and set it on Multiply, 30% opacity.
And yet again, make a new layer, fill it with #A5D3ED and set it on Color Burn, 50% opacity.
One more time, folks. XD Another layer, fill it with #CAF6F0 and set it on Linear Dodge, 30% opacity.
Duplicate your base(make sure the border is included!) twice, bring both to the top, desaturate them both, and set them both to Soft Light, 100% opacity.
Add your text and brushes. I used brushes by terra_katta and ingenu0us.
And finally, I took this gradient (by lavaliere), flipped it vertically, and added it to the icon and set it to Lighten, 50% opacity. And we're done!

Please don't copy the icon exactly when following this tutorial.

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